What Does Fireside Offer?

Fireside Parliament Publishing & Consulting is a service-oriented business that provides professional services in a variety of areas. Our main mission is to create a book publishing and consulting company dedicated to producing and sharing the work of aspiring authors who are looking to self-publish their books. Many authors are unaware of the many detailed steps needed to produce a published work of art. Authors may also be unaware of the high cost of retaining a service to publish. Fireside can help authors in both areas. We can help navigate the self-publishing process by planning and creating a roadmap that will help guide the author to eventual publication. Also, our fees will not cause the author to reconsider publishing because of the cost. We believe we can produce your masterpiece with care and with collaboration. 

Fireside also provides additional services. We can help you or your organization by providing consulting, presenting and counselling, all tailored to meet your needs. 

As lead consultants for Fireside Parliament, Anne and Claudio Morelli can help spark new ideas, assist in developing innovative plans, produce progressive projects, or publish your book. 

Please Contact Fireside Parliament Publishing & Consulting for quality professional services. 


Anne Mackie and Claudio Morelli met in 1975 while studying at the University of British Columbia. After dating for a year, Anne and Claudio married in 1976. They have now been married for forty-two years and have three sons, David, Peter and Michael who have married accomplished women, Kathryn, Shauna and Jayne. Anne and Claudio have been blessed with three grandchildren Levi, Hunter and Jack. They live in Coquitlam British Columbia after having lived in Mission, Vanderhoof and Vernon BC.


Anne is a woman of faith who has been profoundly impacted by God's radical grace and love. Anne continues to be a leader in a variety of formal roles including working as a pastor within the church setting, a clinical counsellor within the community setting, and a counsellor and administrator within the public education system. She is attending the Seminary at Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia Canada, in the second year of a Masters Degree in Christian Studies and Leadership. 

Although titles or roles most often define leadership, Anne believes leadership is defined more broadly. She believes that every individual has a combination of gifts and strengths that uniquely qualifies them to contribute and lead in some capacity. Whether leading within a friendship, neighbourhood, family or community, each individual can embrace her or his gifts, step up to effect positive change and love and lead others. 


Claudio worked in the British Columbia education system as a teacher, school administrator and school district superintendent. Currently, he serves as the Technical Consultant for the Wellspring Foundation For Education and travels to Kigali, Rwanda to advise and mentor leaders. He also teaches at Wellspring's Abundant Leadership Institute in Rwanda and consults with schools and school boards on leadership, effectiveness and governance.

He is a passionate student of leadership who loves to lead and loves leadership. He has learned that leadership is about the heart, it is about caring, and it is about love. Claudio's leadership beats for being an empathetic, caring and supportive leader.